New Year, New You?

I am not a big believer in new years resolutions.   Most resolutions last a few days or weeks and then are thrown aside to be dusted off the following year.  I am however, a big believer in setting goals for the new year.  Whether carved in stone, written in ink, or etched on a tree, commit to your goals and look at them often.  Here are the goals I have set for the new year.  Make 2015 the year to make things happen.

2015 Goals:


  • Stay injury free
  • Break 7:00 hours at the MEGA
  • PR the HAT RUN 50k
  • Bike 100 miles
  • Complete 1/2 Ironman
  • Run new trails
  • Run a new race
  • Eat healthier


  • Be happier
  • Be a better husband, brother, son, friend
  • Buy a new house
  • Travel to a new place
  • Read more


  • Find happiness in work
  • Be more creative


Short but Sweet

I headed out last evening for a 4+ mile run on the Little Gunpowder Trails.  After parking at the trail head off Bel Air Rd, I followed the White Trail under the bridge and along the Little Gunpowder River.  The trail was soft and cushioned as a result of the light snowfall the day before.  After running 1.5 miles on the White trail, I turned around and re-traced my steps.  Shortly after crossing back over Harford Rd, I made a right onto the orange blazed trail (Jessie’s Trail).  After working my way back and forth up the .50 mile ridge, the trail evened out for a smooth and fast decent back towards the trail head.  I picked up the White Trail for a few hundred yards before crossing back under the bridge and returning to the car.  The conditions were fabulous and the scenery even better.  The sinking sun, blue skies, and snow covered trails made for a beautiful run.

“White Trail” Little Gunpowder River


Hills and Ice on the Little Gunpowder

Anxious to continue training for the upcoming HAT Run 50k in March, I headed out for a long run on the Little Gunpowder Trails. My excitement quickly faded as I realized much of the trails were still covered in a sheet of ice.  I managed to find a few sections of trail that were runnable and was able to get in a solid 10 miles with a few decent climbs.  The trails were quiet other than a few other crazy souls, slipping and sliding in the icy conditions.

Little GP Elevation

New Turf

“Run new trails”.  I have this phrase written down as a goal for 2015 and today I took a step in the right direction towards achieving it . This morning was spent exploring a section of trail in Gambrill State Park.  I look forward to putting this route in the rotation for 2015.

Overlooking Frederick, MD