Maryland Heights Hiking

My wife and I woke up early, packed up the car with the two dogs, and headed out for a hiking adventure near Harpers Ferry, WV.   We did a circuit up to Maryland Heights.  For those living in the Baltimore/Washington areas, this is a must do hike, hands down.

We parked at the trail head on Harpers Ferry Rd and headed up the fire road.  The  hike would end up being a little over 5 miles, but don’t let that fool you.  You will climb upwards of 1,600 ft over the 5 miles and will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Harpers Ferry.   Aside from the views, the trail is rich in Civil War History.  You will find ruins of forts, earthworks, naval batteries, and infantry encampments dating back to the early 1860’s.

We were treated with more than just the views and historical sites.  At the trail head, we found traces of snow and temperatures in the low 40’s but as we climbed, we found more and more snow.  The higher we hiked, the snowier and colder it got.  At the highest point in the hike, there was well over 5 inches of snow on the ground, snow blowing from the trees, and temperatures in the low 20’s.  What a difference a few miles and a few thousand feet can make!

By the time we finished, the trail head parking was nearly full.  I would highly advise getting to the trail early.  Trust me, this is a hike/run you will enjoy.

Fresh Air

After being down and out for almost two weeks with some nasty viral infection, I finally made it out last evening for some easy miles.  I headed down to Elkridge to run in Rockburn Park.  After a rough several months of wet, muddy, and snowy trails, it was refreshing to run on dirt.

I parked at the trail head on Landing Rd and headed onto the eastern side of Rockburn to run an easy 4+ mile counterclockwise loop.  It felt great to get out in the fresh air after being sick for days.  The trails were in relatively good shape except for a few muddy spots.   Considering the amount of snow and wet weather we have had in the region recently, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the trails have held up.  The Rockburn trails are in great shape for a tremendous spring and summer of running.  Get out and enjoy!

Rockburn East Side