January Blues?

I can’t say that January is one of my favorite months of the year, but there are ways to make the most of it.  Here in Maryland, its cold, bleak, and sometimes snowy.  The holiday highs are over and the long trek to warmer months begins.

January is a time that many try to get back on track with their fitness, but motivation can be tough when its dark and cold, and the dreadful treadmill is the only thing calling your name.  Here are some suggestions (other than the treadmill) that help me get through the dreaded winter months while building my base of fitness for the upcoming months of running

  • Explore new trails:  The winter months are a great chance to explore new areas in preparation for longer runs in the warmer months.  You will find much less trail traffic and the decreased foliage provides you with better vantage points for exploration.
  • Hike it out:  Take some time during the cold days to get outside but focus on shorter hiking.
  • Test out new gear:  The winter months are a great time to dial in the gear you will be using for the races or adventures you may have planned in the spring and summer.
  • Sign up for a winter/early spring race:  There is no better motivation than having a race looming in the near future.
  • Cross-Train: Take your mind off running for a while and move your body in different ways. Find your weaknesses but work on your strengths, and always keep an eye toward your future goals.