Loudon Heights Hiking

My wife and I packed up the gear and loaded the two dogs into the car early on Saturday morning.  We were headed out to do a 6 mile hike from Harpers Ferry up to Loudon Heights and back down.

We arrived at the parking lot on Shenandoah St around 8am and were one of the first few cars to grab a spot (this parking lot does fill up later in the morning, especially on a nice day).

Take a left out of the parking lot and follow the bridge, crossing the Shenandoah River on US340.  Once across the bridge, you work your way down and under before starting the hike upwards.  From here, you will climb around 800 ft to one of the first great views of the trip as you look down on the Potomac River at the power-line clear cut.  From here, you will descend before working back up to the summit of Loudon Heights.

The total gain is around 1,644 ft, but the views are worth it!!

Loudon Heights Elevation
Loudon Heights Elevation
Summit of Loudon Heights