Beginings in Trail Running:

My trail running journey began 7 years ago when my girlfriend at the time (now my lovely wife), talked me into signing up for a 26 mile trail race in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  We had friends that had completed the race in prior years, how hard could it be………..??  We signed up, and were instantly thrown into the world of trail running.  To date, I have completed 3 Ultra-Marathons,  6 Marathon distance trail races,  5 half-marathons, and a number of other varying distance trail races.

But wait, l need to pause and take a few steps back……that sounded way to easy……

Having played sports throughout my childhood, high school, and into college, I had a major love/hate relationship with running.  It was a necessary evil.   After graduating college, I took a pretty aggressive stance towards any kind of cardio.  Coming off years of “forced” running,  I was now the boss and decided to drop the “R” word from my vocabulary.   I could see my fitness level slipping away very easily, and quickly, but I didn’t give it much thought at the time.  I was comfortable being comfortable.

This was about the time when I was convinced me to sign up for a marathon, ran on all trails, with over 6,000ft in elevation.  I started training, running 15-20 minutes at a time to slowly work my way back into shape.  Remember how I thought, how hard could it be?  Well it was hard, really hard.

After successfully completing the race, I was hooked on trail running and haven’t looked back.  It was painful and took hours of training, but I loved every minute of it, ok well not every minute of it.  I realized I had fallen in love with the journey, the experience, and the accomplishment.


– 1 x 50 Mile Finisher

– 2 x 50k Finisher

– 6 x Marathon Finisher

– 5 x 1/2 Marathon Finisher

– 50k PR: (5:52:18)


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